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Welcome to H1bClub.

Call H1bClub USA at  +1  3478065030  or  Email : GCHelpUSA@Gmail.com. We  help  H1b clients for all states and cities of  USA, and even Globally.

H1b Visa Filing  for most Reasonable fees.  $595.00 for  Students( limited time )* and H1b Transfer Petitions.

Check with us first.  Also contact us for H1b Employee  rights.  

About our Attorney:  Nehal (Neal) Trivedi, is a Hofstra University Law Graduate(New York),  a US Licensed Attorney, since 15+ years, with its work  locations in Jericho area of NY, USA; and is authorized to practice US Immigration law  in all States of USA. The candidates may be located anywhere in world. One of the advantages being  with us is we attempt to provide fairly reasonable priced services. We can also work on Students Visa to H1b Visa to Green Card filings. To bring your spouse in USA, on marriage basis, we work on  Marriage based  Green Card fling matters. Inquiries To file new h1b, or to transfer existing h1b visa or for h4 related matters, send your details. Attorney Nehal also works on Business Licenses and Permits.

If candidate already on H1b Visa in US, change or extension  of h1b work Visa  could be done now. Please note we do not find H1b employers for any candidates. It would be wise to ensure eligibility of company, job, candidate, quota, etc. before attempting for filing h1b visa. 

H1b Positions Certified *: Technical Recruiter, Software Engineer, QA Analyst, Business Development Officer, Accountant, Management Analyst, Programer Analyst, Product Manager, Business System Analyst, Teacher, Production Support, Office Manager, System Analyst, Network Adm,, Data Analyst, Computer Specialist, DBA, Big Data Eng., Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Web Developer, eCommere Specialist, Attending Physician, Phsical Therapist, and many other. 

H1b Law: Aprx. 161,369 H1b visas were  issued in year 2014,  and 172,748 in year 2015.Under the H-1B1 visa program, the INA permits nonimmigrant professionals in specialty occupations from countries with which the United States has entered into certain agreements that are identified in section 214(g)(8)(A) of the INA to temporarily enter the United States for employment in a specialty occupation.Employers seeking to employ nonimmigrant workers in specialty occupations under H-1B, H-1B1, or E-3 visas must file a labor condition application with the Department of Labor as described in § 655.730(c) and (d). Certain procedures described in this subpart H for obtaining a visa and entering the U.S. after the Department of Labor attestation process, including procedures in § 655.705, apply only to H-1B nonimmigrants. 

H1b Duration: The max period for  H1b Visa is   6 yrs( 3 yrs extendable upto 6 yrs ). Even after 6 yrs., h1b visa is extendable  if GC processing  is pending at the relevant time, depending on case  basis, etc.

Family: Husband, Wife, Kids  of H1b appproved candidates can join to USA on H4 Visa basis. 

H1b Filing Fees: Basic USCIS Filing Fees are $ 460+.

Other fees and expenses  apply. Fees depends on various factors and is not uniform for all h1b filing companies or candidates. Fees could be : US $ 460 + $750/$1500 + $500 + $1225 (Optional ) (newly introduced applicable in some cases 4K). Within these, there are provisions of exemptions to some fees,  which is dependent on many facts about company working for, candidate, etc...

New H1b filing acceptance for candidates of India, or from anywhere, for work period beginning October 2016  will begin on April 1, 2016. There is a fix number quota system opted by US immigration authorities and not all the h1b petitions filed woud be accepted and not all the petitons filed would be approved. Please call/email  us to help you file New Petition. Our service charges are very competititive, and affordable. 

H1b work Visa would allow the candidates from countries in the world, to work and live in USA, with family. We work with professionals for H1b work Visa and also for Marriage based Family visas. We are associated with Lawyers for USA immigration related services. Our US based services focus in area of H1b work Visa, and Family based visas. Our group  consists of  independent Lawyers affiliated with us.

Every year, millions of people visit USA on  Student, as H1b Professionals, Family based visa holders, Business visa holders, Artist or in other category. Compliance to Labor and immigration law and genuiness of intentions are very necessary and we strongly recommend to abide by that. We could also provide discounted services to students, new start up employers, or needy h1b professionals. We respect US and US law and would request all to abide and respect by US laws.  

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* plus  expenses, USCIS Filing Fees, etc.

Please note that H1b Visa Petition and other matters, even when made to USCIS, is not always accepted  by USCIS due to quota, lottery  system, other reasons. Please take a note that in the event of  petition not elected/acceptrd/approved by USCIS in lottery system, or for any other reason, than the amount, time, expenses, fees,  spent  could be wasted. There is no guarantee any petition would be appoved by USCIS, even when accepted, because of mutiple factors deciding this. There could be delays in deciding matter.We urge all employers and candidates in abiding by relevant US immigration and Labor  laws, also do not make any misrepresenations. Also we urge all employers, employees and all concerned to provide only true  information and documentations.The contents and information on this web site could be old, incorrect, non verified.The web site managers, owners, Employees, workers, etc., or advertised/ affiliated Lawyers  or service providers, or any other person attached to this web site do not assume any liability whosoever to anybody.If anyone acts on our or  site's contents basis, or interacts with us in any manner, assigns us any task, or takes any information or help from us, they do that on their own risk, and understand and agree to above.Please do not assign any work to us or deal with us if you do not agree to above.Note: This site  and its information contents are under test and may not reflect: accurate, complete, true contents, information, knowledge.Contents of this page and H1b Rights page, and Attorney name and phone numbers at all places related to attorney Nehal Trivedi, is advertisment of Attorney Neal - Nehal (Neal) Trivedi,  at Jericho, NY. The site is not  owned by Attorney Nehal Trivedi.

*By US govt. agencies