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 Attorney Nehal Trivedi:

Attorney Nehal (Neal) Trivedi, is a Hofstra University Law Graduate(New York),  US Licensed Attorney, since 15+ years, with its work  locations in Jericho area of NY, USA; and is authorized to practice US Immigration law  in all States of USA. The candidates may be located anywhere in world. One of the advantages being  with us is we attempt to providefairly reasonable priced services. We can also work on Students Visa to H1b Visa to Green Card filings. To bring your spouse in USA, on marriage basis, we can work on  Marriage based  Green Card fling matters. Inquiries To file new h1b, or to transfer existing h1b visa or for h4 related matters, send your details. Attorney Nehal also works on Business Licenses and Permits.

Address: Attorney - Nehal "Neal" Trivedi, 400 Jericho Turnpike # 318
Jericho, NY 11753  USA

Phone +1 5164701379 (attor. dir.); Email: 

A. For H1b Visa: Provide  information  mentioned below:

1. H1b Employer:- Organization Name,Tax ID, All Addresses, Total revenue since last 3 years, proposed income for next 2 years, Work Location, Corporate address and  Phone, Web site, work areas, Name of Supervisor signing papers, Designation of Person Signing papers, Total  Number of Employees, Number of existing H1b and L1  employees in entire company; the rganization is Profit or  Non Profit; Educational Institution, Or Government Agency, etc.

2. H1b Candidate: First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, DOB, Home Country detailed Address, Passport details, Passport address, Salary Offered, Job Position offered, candidate possible work locations(all ) addresses, Third party clients site addresses - if working at client site,  Expected Employment Start Date, Past Experience, Education, Merit Certificates, Computer courses done, Detailed Resume with job dates, Marital Status with Name, Children, with Name; 

3. Documents required:Candidate: Educational certificates, Foreign Education Evaluation,  Experience Yrs. and Certificates,  Job related Certificates, Resume, Birth Certicate, Passport Copies, Past H1b and L1 Company and dates, US presence from and to  dates with visa status during that period, Family Members' information: Names, Relation, DOB, Current Location, Current US status if in US;  Complete Addreess in NON US country, Complete Address in US, Email ID,Phone  

4.  If New company:Company  Tax papers, Incorporation papers, business related papers, office photographs;

5.  If working at client site - name, address, location, web site of client sites;  current and proposed income of client;  contract between client / third party and h1b employer, Job Position: Duration, Salary, Job duties described,  etc.

B. For GreenCard filing  for  husband or wife of US GreenCard Holder or US citizen,  provide information about yourself and your Husband and Wife:

1. US person: Current US Status, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, DOB, SS Number, Residence address and Phone  current  and past, Home country current and past addresses,  Education, Salary, Occupation,  Assets overview,  Passport Number and details, Marital Status, Childrens Names, addresses, DOB; Past Marriage details.

2. Your Wife/ Husband in Home country, or in USA:

If in USA, Current US Status, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, DOB, SS Number( if any ), Residence address and Phone  current  and past, Home country current and past addresses,  Education,  Occupation,   Passport Number and details, Marital Status, Past Marriage details, Childrens Names, addresses DOB.

3. Documents Required:

For Husband and  Wife: Marriage Certificate, Passpot Copes, Birth Certificates, Marriage Photographs, Affidavit by closest relative- Mother, Father, Brother, about Facts of Marriage, Location  of Marriage, date of  marriage, ddresses -Time spent together after Marriage, Document showing names of both - in Bank account, Property, Home lease, Likewise.

C. For Student Visa- To Study in USA

1. US College or Education Institution Details: Name, Address, Locations, Photograph, Web site, Email,  Courses Offered, Establishment year, Total Number of students enrolled,Medium of education.

2. Student Details: Level of study( Undergraduate/Graduate/Masters, Acedemic  ), Education/Training  Opted for, Major Subjects opted for, Duration of studies, Past educational background, Intended Degree/ Certificate,DOB, Passport details, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Home Country complete address, Phone, Email ID,Languages Known, Document showing Proficiency in English

3. Documents Required: Students DOB, School Leaving Certifcate, Past Education Certificates, Transcrpts, Education Evaluation by WES or Equilvalent Body, Passport copies, Resume with dates, Work Experience, I 20 Form provided by educational Institution to student - on Acceptance  by educational institution , Documents to show Courses or Major opted for, Fees Receipt provided by College, Application Form, College/Intittution Brochure/Booklet -  All copies,  no originals

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